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On September 29, 2003, Erik Möller (User:Eloquence) reached an agreement with, a website which provides regular news related to Europe and the European Union in particular. This agreement has two parts:

  1. The summaries of EUobserver stories published during the duration of the agreement (usually one paragraph blocks), defined as the part of a story which is put on the frontpage, are put in the public domain.
  2. Any copy of these segments to Wikipedia (usually to the Current events page) must end with a link to the full text of the EUobserver story. This link will usually be in the form [URL] in the article source, that is, it will appear in footnote style in the rendered page (example: [1]).

Wikipedia is not required to copy all EUobserver summaries published (some of them may be inappropriate for an encyclopedia), but should make an honest effort to use material which is useful. No further obligations result for either party.

This agreement will initially last until October 31; at this point, both parties will review their participation and decide on whether they want to continue the agreement.

The full correspondence with EUobserver is reproduced on Wikipedia:EUobserver cooperation correspondence. This cooperation can be discussed on the talk page.