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A tepect terms behave like a name, or a unique identifier with the unsuing consequences. Normally each discipline has its own collection are usually sorted in alphabetical order, which is alright, as long as you do not want to expand it to be a multi-lingual dictionary of terms, where you need a numerical or mixed system of classification of terms to allow for cross-language searches. Terms that behave like names are often used to identify interrelated objects of a science or a field. The end product of such a venture is a nomenclature of a discipline that may have several thousand items, now sorted according to the inner logic of the discipline in question. Despite the fact that such nomenclatures are readily available as input for multi-lingual dictinaries the information content of such vast bodies of knowledge is underutilised due to the ad hoc nature of and lack of innovative concept in dictionary compilation works/projects. At present there are at least one hundred nomenclatures available online on the Internet that cover almost as many subject matters.