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Questions without a title[edit]

11/23/2001: How many different methods of producing non-alcoholic beer are there (I have heard 3), and do the different methods typically produce different alcohol contents? Are there any non-alc beers which contain 0% alcohol? In Germany there are some marketed as such. Is it legal for minors to buy non-alc beer in the U.S.? Is this state or federally regulated?

What aspects of the topic of probability are studied by philosophy? What are some of the leading philosophical theories of probability? (Posted June 26.)

What is the early history of the violin? What instrument did the violin come from? When did it enter into use in various folk musics (as the fiddle)? (Posted June 26.) -- If anyone is interested, check History of the violin. --Yellow1996 (talk)

Surely, sociologists and / or anthropologists have studied the leading characteristics of small towns. What are their main conclusions? (Posted June 26.)

What grains are eaten throughout the world, and how are they eaten? (Posted June 26.)

What exactly is a parade, why do people insist on holding them on an annual basis, and what is their history? (Posted June 26.)

With "what exactly is a parade?", are you asking for a definition of parades? Is this the beginning of the philosophy of parades? --Ryguasu
The dictionary definition can be found here. (on Wiktionary) --Yellow1996 (talk)

What determines when close-packed crystals will be face-centered cubic and when they will be hexagonal? What about related structures, like ZnS, diamond, and silicon? (Sep 2)

We don't yet have a page on Yin and Yang. Would the correct page name be Yin and Yang or Yin Yang (as requested by Chinese medicine)? How does Yin and Yang relate to Qi?

If anybody knows how and why West Nile virus causes disease, please add it to the article. What cells does it typically infect? AxelBoldt 19:26 Sep 2, 2002 (PDT)